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Game News
Mission: The Paragon City Harem was originally created in good fun, but with the leadership of Etan was able to achieve the #1 spot on the City of heroes rankings on July 18 2010

Description: This is a City of Heroes supergroup on the Justice Server founded by Etan in 2005.
Guild News

Harem FTW

Ultrafirewolf, Jul 3, 12 9:12 PM.
After a hard start on our second start at the CoP, we completed it in under 8 min. Good Job. We also managed to still do 3 runs. Next Sunday, Harem Theme Outfits. Harem FTW!

Animal Theme

Ultrafirewolf, Jun 30, 12 6:27 AM.
This Sunday we are doing an Animal theme costume night. Bring your shivans and lets do this.


Tempera-, Apr 15, 12 11:06 PM.
Gd job guys tonight 4/22/12 lets do it again next Sun at 9:30pm Eastern time and pls remember to bring your Shivans !


Tempera-, Apr 3, 12 8:11 PM.
Hey guys good job last Sun to all that showed up at COP ! It was a bit tricky at first but we did it ! Lets do it again 4/8/12 9:30pm Eastern Time. Dont forget to bring ur Shivans with u from now on ! C u guys Sun and keep up the good work !!!!


Ultrafirewolf, Mar 30, 12 11:17 PM.
Welcome all new members, please register and feel free to look around the site.
In City of Heroes, there's two kinds of players. There's The Harem, and then there's everyone else.

- Etan
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