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Game News
Mission: The Paragon City Harem was originally created in good fun, but with the leadership of Etan was able to achieve the #1 spot on the City of heroes rankings on July 18 2010

Description: This is a City of Heroes supergroup on the Justice Server founded by Etan in 2005.
Guild News

Harem FTW

Ultrafirewolf, Jul 3, 12 9:12 PM.
After a hard start on our second start at the CoP, we completed it in under 8 min. Good Job. We also managed to still do 3 runs. Next Sunday, Harem Theme Outfits. Harem FTW!

Animal Theme

Ultrafirewolf, Jun 30, 12 6:27 AM.
This Sunday we are doing an Animal theme costume night. Bring your shivans and lets do this.


Tempera-, Apr 15, 12 11:06 PM.
Gd job guys tonight 4/22/12 lets do it again next Sun at 9:30pm Eastern time and pls remember to bring your Shivans !


Tempera-, Apr 3, 12 8:11 PM.
Hey guys good job last Sun to all that showed up at COP ! It was a bit tricky at first but we did it ! Lets do it again 4/8/12 9:30pm Eastern Time. Dont forget to bring ur Shivans with u from now on ! C u guys Sun and keep up the good work !!!!


Ultrafirewolf, Mar 30, 12 11:17 PM.
Welcome all new members, please register and feel free to look around the site.
Whether it's good or bad, it's so unfortunate to wake up during a dream.

- -Judeau, Berserk
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